Analyze & Monitor
Analyze while your build, & vice-versa
Understand your AI data with deep analysis. Model training behavior and test live outcomes. Build a better blueprint for decision making.
Bring your data into Apres and automatically train a surrogate model to simulate results. Optimize your data for your target model behavior to output into production.
POST your model data directly to your project's endpoint. Track training, validation and production data in one place to deliver a seamless experience from data to decision.
Get quality results with high throughput monitoring and analysis of your core model, training and validation data, on-demand.

Surrogates model data performance

Apres helps you better understand your data. Every project comes with a lightweight surrogate model built with your uploaded data.

  • Intuitive build: Our explainability engine examines your data and behavior for the optimal composition.
  • Interactive: Adjust your training data and mix to see the predicted impact on production.

Slice & simulate for deep analysis

Spend more time building and less time analyzing with simple reporting features.

  • Dynamic overlays: Create a slice of data to compare against a different segment.
  • Sharable reports: Create and share reports with your entire team.

Understand feature relationships

No more guessing. Understand how specific data values impact model outcomes.

  • Worry-free version history: We create and store a report for every data row analyzed by Apres.
  • Edit in real-time: Adjust your data as it's presented and re-run your analysis for better understanding.

"Apres helps our team deliver the training data we need to quickly iterate on our AI models."

Reed Rawhouser, AI Product Manager at


Create & test custom scenarios

Apres makes it simple for anyone on your team to understand, diagnose and take action on model behavior. Use the latest interpretation techniques, with a simple interface, to adjust and examine custom scenarios.

Explore Explainability
Other ways to use surrogate model analysis
  • Validate compliance against industry regulations.

  • Create reports to share with your team members.

  • Experiment with different mix to impact feature weights.

  • Interact with data attributes to impact pre-processing

Automate feature analysis
from start to finish